Michigan Security Guard Training Regulation Proposed

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Michigan Security Guard Training Regulation

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As you know from this site, many states regulate the type of training and the number of hours of training security guards need to be licensed to work.  Michigan currently only requires security guard companies to be licensed by the state and to turn in lists of who they employee as security officers.  However, legislation is being introduced that would require security guards to get training in crisis intervention, conflict resolution, the use of force, pepper spray, CPR  and threat assessment. The Michigan security guard training regulation proposal is the first

Two recent incidents have prompted this legislation. In one incident a young man died at a mall after multiple security guards held him to the ground for about five minutes. In another incident,  a high school student is accused of picking up a school security guard and slamming the guard to the ground causing the guard to suffer facial and head wounds.

In both of these cases, videos seem to show that the incidents quickly escalated instead of being diffused. The legislation would give guards training in ways to diffuse conflict and prevent the use of unnecessary force.

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With the increased news reports of violent incidents involving private security guards in multiple states, more states may require these guards get training in the use of force and conflict resolution.

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