New CA Armed Security Guard Card Training & Fee Info

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New CA Armed Security Guard Card Training & License Requirements

New CA Armed Security Guard Card Training

New CA Armed Security Guard Card Training Requirements

If you are a California security guard, either armed and unarmed, you need to get a guard card before you can start working as a security guard. You need to get a lot more training in California than in other any other state to become a security guard. The Bureau of Security and Investigative Service (BS(S) regulates the training requirements for security guards in California.  The BSIS issues cards after you have successfully passed a background check, completed your required training, and submitted your online application.

Besides the new CA security guard card training and rookie CA security guard card training, you have to take a BSIS certified range firing class. This class cannot be taken online. You must take this course in a combined classroom and firing room setting.  Or instead of firing a weapon at a firing range, you can use a laser simulator to qualify. Using a laser simulator can be cheaper because you don’t have to pay for ammunition.

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