Case Study: Security Guard Vehicle Gate Access Control

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Security Guard Vehicle Gate Access ControlThis case study is about a security guard manned vehicle boom gate that still let a suspected criminal through. This case is based on an incident that happened on a university campus.  The security guard was suspended because he didn’t report the incident for about an hour despite the victim’s access ID  card being  collected by the security guard.

The armed suspect tied up a female student and forced into the truck of her own car on campus. The suspect first  attempted to use her ID card to get the guard to open the security gate. Her car had tinted windows, so the security cameras couldn’t see inside the car.  He opened the window slightly to swipe the card. The card wasn’t working and he tried to explain to the security guard why. Security took the card, saw a female photo and took the card.

Security Guard Road Blocker

Security Road Blocker

Security Guard Traffic Spike

Security Traffic Spike

As the security guard went back into the security hut, the suspect  reversed the car and when another car entered the campus and the boom was still up, he drove through the entrance side, not the exit side. The  armed man drove out and drew cash from the victim’s bank accounts.

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This case shows how important security guard vehicle gate access control is and to report incidents without delay. And that just because one security boom arm is down, doesn’t mean that a vehicle won’t attempt to use the other side of the entrance/exist even if it is going the wrong way. This is one reason that many security areas have traffic spikes, so that if you drive over them going the wrong way, the vehicles tires are shredded or road blockers  so you can’t exit the wrong way.

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