Robo Cops and Robo Security Guards?

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Knightscope, located in California, is working on the K5 robot that can be used for security patrol applications, such as parking lots, schools, malls and hospitals. The robo security guards could work in conjunction with other security technologies as well as human security guards. The main duties of a security robot would be to observe, deter and report just like the duties of a  human security officer. Knightscope calls the robot an “autonomous data machine.”

The ‘5’ in K5 is because the robot is about 5 feet tall. The K5 has multiple sensors that allow it to hear, see, touch  and smell its environment. The robot can see better than humans because it uses radar and lidar to be able to see in low light conditions and produce a 360 degree view around it. It is hard for a human to see 360 degrees around them. The robot can use facial recognition and gesture deduction.

The K5 can combine data from its on-board sensors with other data from other security and public data bases to calculate a danger level; is a crime about to occur or has a crime occurred. The robot reports this information to appropriate emergency response organizations or even the general public.  Of course,  privacy concerns are already being raised as to how much data the robot can collect and who has access to the data.

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According to a New York Times report, the K5 costs about $6.25/hour to run.

Robo Security Guards Video Demonstration


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