Virginia Security Guard Renewal Training & Licensing

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Security Officer Application Renewal

Virginia Security Guard Renewal Training

Virginia Security Guard Renewal Training

  • Renew Every: 2 years
  • Renewal Fee: $20

Virginia Security Guard Renewal Training Requirements

In order to renew your Virginia security guard officer registration, you need 4 hours of refresher in-service training. This training has the following core topics:

  • Legal Authority (2 hours)
  • Job-Related Training  (2 hours)

The state of Virginia maintains an online list of schools offering security officer renewal training.

Certain training exemptions may be granted for required training courses. You should submit this form at least 60 days before your license expires as it takes 30 days for your training exemption to be approved.

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VA Security Officer Renewal Process

  1. Submit to the VA Department of Criminal Justice  the registration renewal application and applicable non-refundable fee.
  2. Complete in-service training. The school you took your course at will submit your name to the state as verification.

Renewing an Expired Security Officer License

If you license has expired by 60 days or less, you can renew with the payment of a $10 late fee.

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