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Armed Security Officer License Requirements in New Jersey

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 If you want to be an armed security guard in NJ, you need to be registered just like an unarmed security officer and be authorized to carry a handgun.  New Jersey strictly limits carry permits to “persons specifically employed in security work and to others who can establish an urgent necessity for carrying guns for self-protection.”

Permit to Carry a Handgun in NJ

A permit to carry is required for any handgun and it must be renewed every 2 years. In addition to meeting the requirements of the Firearms Purchaser Identification Card and Permit to Purchase a Handgun, you must also:

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  • supply proof of your familiarity with handguns (firearms qualifications)
  • supply 3 completed applications with four 2×2 photos
  • supply employment letter of need and a copy of your security guard registration card
  • supply photocopies of past permits, Firearms ID card, driver’s license and Social Security card
  • include endorsements from three individuals attesting to your good moral character and ability to exercise self-control
  • have a “justifiable need to carry a handgun”
  • provide a description and serial number for every handgun you intend to carry
  • submit a $20.00 money order made out to the New Jersey Judiciary
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