Pro Unarmed Security Guard Training Alabama

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AL Unarmed Security Officer License Renewal

Alabama Security Guard Training Requirements

Alabama Security Guard Training Requirements

ASRB Security Officer Application Renewal

Renew Every: 2 years

Fee: $25

Payment Types Accepted:

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  • certified check
  • money order
  • cashier’s check

Payable To: Alabama State Regulatory Board (ASRB)

Updating License Information and Lost Security Officer License Cards

We couldn’t find what the process is for updating your security guard application information. However, you should inform the ASRB when any of your information changes that you put on your application. Nor could we find any process for replacing your permanent security officer license, if it becomes damaged or lost. Ask your employer or the ASRB how you should replace your security guard license, if you should ever need it replaced.

New Security Guard Training

Go here for information about unarmed security guard training for a new officer in Alabama.


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