Alabama Unarmed Security Guard Training & Fees for New Officers

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Alabama Unarmed Security Guard Training

Alabama Unarmed Security Guard Training

Alabama typically refers to its security guards as security officers. You need to have a license whether or not you are an unarmed or armed security guard.

Type of Security Guard License Required & Issuing Authority

  • License Type: Security Officer License
  • Security Guard Acceptable Designations:
  • Security officer
  • Security guard
  • Security enforcement officer
  • Security protection officer
  • Custom protection officer
  • AL Security Officer License Length: 2 years
  • AL Security Officer Licensing Authority: Alabama Security Regulatory Board
  • AL Security Officer Licensing Website:
  • AL Security Officer Licensing Phone Number      334.269.9990
  • AL Security Officer Licensing Fax: 334.263.6115 (fax)
  • AL Security Officer Licensing Address:

Alabama Security Regulatory Board

610 S. McDonough Street

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Montgomery, AL 36104

  • License Laws:

Temporary Security Guard License

As a security officer in Alabama, you must carry your temporary security guard license on your person at all times you are working as a security officer until your security officer license is issued by the ASRB. You can use the original, filled out and notarized  ALABAMA SECURITY REGULATORY BOARD TEMPORARY PERSONAL LICENSE cutoff form located at the bottom of the last page of the ASRB Personal Security Officer License Application as your temporary license as shown below.

Alabama Temporary Security Guard License

Alabama Temporary Security Guard License

Security Guard License Exemptions

You are exempt from getting a security guard license in Alabama if any of the following apply to you:

  • You work a regulated security function less than 30 calendar days in any calendar year.
  • You only provide security services to your direct employer and not for any third party person or company.
  • You are a sworn peace officer who only provides security services within the scope of your employment with a public entity and you don’t contract for or otherwise provide in any manner private contract security services.
  • You are 65 years of age or older and work as a security officer directly to an individual business or businesses.
  • If you aren’t an Alabama resident, but have a security guard license (unarmed or armed security guard) from another state, the ASRB may grant you a contract security license if you have satisfactory proof furnished to the ASRB that the standards of licensure in the other state are at least substantially equivalent to those of Alabama.

Alabama Unarmed Security Guard Training & Costs

  • 30 Days: 4 Hours,  Cost Unknown
  • 6 Months: 4 Hours, Cost Unknown
  • Yearly: 8 Hours, Cost Unknown
  • Take your approved classroom training with a certified trainer before applying for a security officer license.
  • You must get an acceptable score on a written test related to the course subject matter.
  • Security officer training includes, but may not be limited to the following topics:
  • Fire prevention
  • Legal information relevant to providing security services
  • Detention procedures
  • Methods of handling crisis situations
  • Methods of crowd control
  • Use of equipment needed in providing security services

Your employer may require that you take additional security guard education.

Security Guard Training Exemptions

Alabama exempts you from taking the required security officer courses if at least one of the following is true about you:

  • You have less than 5 years of continuous experience as a security officer or armed security officer and a certified trainer certifies you have received at least 8 hours of classroom training as specified in §34-27C-8(a) at any time during your current period of employment.
  • You have within 3 years before applying for a guard license completed basic security training classes through a military, government, or security training institute that meets or exceeds the training required by Alabama. You need to provide proof to the ASRB of this training.
  • You are employed by a contract security company that has a training program that the ASRB determines, upon presentation of proof of training, meets or exceeds those required by AL.
  • You are employed as a sworn peace officer or a retired sworn peace officer.
  • You have a minimum of 5 years of continuous experience as a security officer or armed security officer.
  • You have been a security officer in another state, you are currently a resident of Alabama and the qualifying and training requirements the state you have your security guard license from are equivalent to those required by Alabama.

Security Guard Background Check & Fingerprinting Fees

ABI Background Check

  • Amount: $41.50
  • Payment Types Accepted:
  • certified check
  • money order
  • cashier’s check
  • Payable To: Alabama Bureau of Investigation (ABI)

Security Guard Application Fees

ASRB Security Officer Application

  • Fee: $25
  • Payment Types Accepted:
  • certified check
  • money order
  • cashier’s check
  • business check issued by a currently licensed contract security company
  • Payable To: Alabama State Regulatory Board (ASRB)
  • Late Fee: $100 (After 30 days employed as security officer.)

Security Guard Other Requirements

  • Be at least 18.
  • Be a US citizen or resident alien.
  • Have a Social Security number
  • Not suffer from habitual drunkenness or from narcotics addiction or dependence.
  • Have never been convicted in any jurisdiction of the United States of any Felony or crime involving Moral Turpitude for which a full pardon has not been granted.
  • Never been declared, by any court of competent jurisdiction, incompetent by reason of mental defect or disease, and competency has not been restored.

Security Guard Application Process

To be an unarmed guard in Alabama:

  1. Fill out the Alabama Security Regulatory Board Personal License Application using the online PDF form.
  2. Get the forms notarized where indicated. ABI-46 must be notarized or witnessed by 2 persons. DO NOT SIGN SECTION 2 of ABI-46, which is your authorization for release of your criminal history information to the ASRB.
  3. Attach 2 copies of a recent color picture of you.  Separate the 2 pictures from each other as digital passport photos are often on the same sheet of photo paper. The pictures must be passport-style (frontal portrait).
  4. Attach proof of  your age, such as a photocopy of your current state-issued driver’s license or non-driver ID.
  5. Attach proof of your US citizenship or resident alien status, such as a photocopy of your current state-issued driver’s license or non-driver ID.
  6. Attach proof of your US military separation document, if applicable, such as DD-214 or equivalent.
  7. Attach certification of your completion of the Alabama required security guard training, unless you are exempt for a reason you selected on the application form.
  8. Attach 2 copies of your fingerprint cards with your rolled fingerprints. Leave ORI and Reason BLANK.
  9. Mail everything to the ASRB address listed above.

Reasons for Suspension or Denial of Security Guard License

  • Any dishonored payment to the ASRB.
  • Fraudulent information submitted to the ASRB. Engaging in fraud, misrepresentation, deception, or concealment of a material fact in applying for, receiving, or maintaining a license or certification with the Board.
  • Conviction for a capital crime, a felony crime of violence, or any felony offense involving moral turpitude. Moral turpitude means any sexual offense, controlled substance offense, or any offense involving theft, theft of services, extortion, receiving stolen property, identity theft, forgery, negotiating worthless negotiable instruments, fraud, tampering with records, bribery, perjury, or any similar offense in any jurisdiction.
  • Conviction for any other felony within 10 calendar years of your most recent conviction.
  • Conviction for a misdemeanor crime of violence or any misdemeanor offense involving moral turpitude within 5 calendar years of your most recent conviction.
  • Required to register as a sex offender in any state.
  • Failure to meet any requirement established by law or by rule adopted by the ASRB.
  • Failure to pay all fees required by the ASRB.
  • Having a comparable license or certification denied, revoked or suspended in any other jurisdiction.
  • Having a formal disciplinary action pending in any jurisdiction before any regulatory authority that is comparable in purpose to the ASRB.
  • Any other reason as determined by the ASRB that a person is unsuitable for licensure by the ASRB.
  • Any other reason authorized by law.
  • Failure to comply with any refresher training requirements.
  • Having a disciplinary action pending before the ASRB.
  • Having a suspended or revoked security guard license.
  • Failure to pay any fine assessed by the ASRB within 15 calendar days of final notice of the assessment.
  • Conviction for any disqualifying conviction after receiving a license or certification from the ASRB.
  • Declaration by any court of competent jurisdiction that applicant is incompetent by reason of mental defect or disease and competency has not been restored.
  • Applicant suffers from habitual drunkenness or from narcotics addiction or dependence. The ASRB may require certified results of medical tests for drug or alcohol use.

Alabama Private Security Companies

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