Alabama New Armed Security Guard Training & Fees

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Armed Security Officer License Requirements

Alabama New Armed Security Guard Training

Alabama New Armed Security Guard Training

In Alabama you are an armed security guard, if:

  • Your principal duty is that of a security officer and
  • You at any time wear, carry, posses or have access to a firearm in the performance of your duties

If you are an off-duty law enforcement officer employed by and working for a public entity, you aren’t considered an armed security officer.

Type of Armed Security Guard License Required & Issuing Authority

  • License Type: Armed Security Officer License
  • License Length: 2 years
  • Licensing Authority: Alabama Security Regulatory Board (ASRB)
  • Licensing Website
  • Licensing Phone Number: 334.269.9990 and 34.263.6115 (fax)
  • Licensing Address:
  • Alabama Security Regulatory Board
  • 610 S. McDonough Street
  • Montgomery, AL 36104
  • License Laws:

Temporary Armed Security Guard License

In Alabama, you must carry your temporary armed security guard license on your person when on duty as an armed security officer until your armed security officer license is issued by the ASRB. At the bottom of the last page of the ASRB Personal Security Officer License Application, cut off the original, filled out and notarized  ALABAMA SECURITY REGULATORY BOARD TEMPORARY PERSONAL LICENSE to use as your temporary license as shown below.  This is the same form as used for unarmed security guards, except that you have to check the Armed Security Officer box.

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You don’t need to get an armed security guard license in Alabama for any of the same reasons as listed for an unarmed security guard license.  However, you still must have a pistol license unless you are also exempt for needing a pistol license.

Alabama New Armed Security Guard Training: Pistol Permit Training Requirements & Fees

Prior to using any firearm for any regulated service or activity as an armed security officer, you must successfully complete the appropriate ASRB-mandated qualification course for the firearm-type you will use while on duty.

If you have a valid pistol license, pistol permit, or similar license or permit issued in the State of Alabama or any state offering unrestricted reciprocity for State of Alabama pistol license or permit holders, you meet the pistol permit requirement for an armed security guard.

You apply for your pistol permit with the sheriff of the county where you live.

It is a violation for any security officer to carry a firearm in the performance of their duties without holding a valid armed security officer license from the ASRB.

Note: Sworn peace officers (police officers) are exempt from needing a pistol permit.

Number of Hours of Armed Security Guard Training

  • Initial: 4 hours, Classroom cost Unknown
  • Yearly: 2 hours, Classroom cost Unknown

You have successfully completed the Alabama State Regulatory Board mandated firearm training if you achieve an acceptable score on a firearm qualification course test.

Firearms Safety Training as required by §34-27C-8(2)(c) includes:

  • Achieving a passing score on the ASRB-mandated qualification course with a handgun as proof that you have completed the ASRB-mandated armed security officer training.
  • Instruction on the use of force laws of the State of Alabama.
  • Instruction on the safe handling and storage of firearms.

Approved Firearm Courses

The following courses usually meet the firearm training requirement for armed security guards. Please verify a course is still acceptable for armed security officers before you start your training.

  • The Alabama Peace Officers Standards and Training Commission qualification course of fire, target, scoring method and minimum score for handgun, shotgun or rifle.
  • Active peace officers who successfully complete the mandatory annual Alabama Peace Officers Standards and Training Commission qualification course as a requirement of employment.
  • Any National Rifle Association (NRA) course of fire, target, scoring method and minimum score for handgun, shotgun, or rifle that is officially approved by the NRA Law Enforcement Activities Division for use by a NRA-defined Private Law Enforcement Organization for firearms.

Pistol Permit Application Fees

You apply for your pistol permit from your county sheriff’s department. The fee for your permit varies by the county. However, your pistol permit is valid in all counties in Alabama. Application forms are usually available online from each county sheriff’s department’s website along with how to pay the pistol permit fee and submit the application. Below are some of the fees and application downloads for some of the counties with large populations.

Application Form Cost

Pistol Permit Other Requirements

The ASRB will not issue an armed security officer license to any person who is prohibited from possessing a firearm by any section of State law or the Federal Gun Control Act of 1968 (18 U.S.C. Chapter 44).

Firearm Permit Application Process

To be an armed security officer in Alabama:

  1. Complete the firearm training and test required for the type of firearm you’d be carrying while on duty.
  2. Obtain your pistol permit from the sheriff for the county in which you reside.
  3. Complete the ASRB forms as described in the unarmed security officer section of this page.

Armed Security Guard Other Requirements

  • All requirements for unarmed security officers.
  • You must be at least 21 to be an armed guard as compared to 18 to be an unarmed security officer.
  • Some counties require you to have a high school diploma or GED.
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