New Armed Security Guard North Dakota – Fees & Training Detailed Info

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Type of Security Officer License Required & Issuing Authority

North Dakota Private Investigation & Security Board (NDPISB) controls the licensing of armed security guards in North Dakota. You must have obtained the rank of Security Officer (unarmed) before you can apply to be a armed security officer.

Security Officer Application & Licensing Requirements

You are considered an armed security officer if you possess and use firearms in the course of providing private security services. It is unlawful for any individual, including agency personnel, to carry a firearm while providing private security services unless the individual carrying the firearm:

  • Is in compliance with all existing state and federal laws governing weapons or firearms, including certification and licensing when necessary;
  • Has completed the same requirements for firearms training as is required for North Dakota peace officers. However, if the individual fails the written examination or shooting course twice, the individual must wait at least thirty days to retake the failed portion, and if the individual fails the written examination or shooting course a third time, the individual must wait a full year before retaking the written examination or shooting course; and
  • Achieved at least the rank of security officer and been issued an armed private security certificate.

Armed Security Officer Application Fee

Your armed security officer application fee is $30.

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Concealed Weapons Permits

A concealed weapons permit does not allow you to carry a weapon while providing security services in the state of North Dakota. You must pass the weapons exam and meet the state’s weapons requirements before an armed weapon certification is issued.

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