Renew Unarmed Security Guard Hawaii – Fees & Training Detailed Info

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HI Guard Card Renewal & Continuing Education

The state of Hawaii requires frequent training throughout your security guard career. This maintains your level of professionalism and helps improve your performance level in your security guard job duties.

Biennial Renewal Requirements

You security guard card, regardless of issuance date, is subject to renewal on or before June 30 of each even-numbered year. This is considered biennial renewal. If you get your card in an odd-numbered year, you have to renew in the next even-numbered years, which is a 1 year renewal.

Payment of renewal fees, information relative to your conviction of a crime that reflects unfavorably on your fitness to engage in the profession, and information on any psychiatric or psychological disorder you are presently suffering from must be provided.

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Continuing Education (CE) Requirements

You must take 4 hours of continued classroom instruction every two year even though you only renew your security guard license every 2 years. Beginning June 30, 2014 you must provide proof of completing a Board approved four hour course per year to renew you security guard registration.  You need to take an 8 hour Board approved course (4 hours per year) given by an instructor approved by the Board prior to your June 30, 2016, 2018, 2020, etc. renewals (even-numbered year renewals).

The proposed topics for the 4 hours Continuing Education Units (CEU) for June 30, 2014 renewal are:
  • General Liability
  • Active Shooter
  • Workplace Violence
  • Ethics
  • Fire Safety
The Board is still working on the 5 security guard training topics for the the June 30, 2015 renewal deadline.

Late Hawaiian Guard Card Renewal

If you don’t renew your guard card by June 30, you forfeit your security officer license. You are considered unlicensed and may not engage in the trade or profession. Forfeited registrations may be restored upon written application within one year and upon submittal of all required documents, fees, delinquent fees, and a penalty fee. If you don’t restore you security registration within one year of your renewal date, you are required to file as new security guard applicant.

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