Pro Unarmed Security Guard Arkansas – Fees & Training

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Once you’ve been on the job in Arkansas for a year, your employer must renew your Private Security Officer (PSO) license. Your PSO license needs to be renewed every year. You must turn into your employer your expired security officer license. Your employer will retain the license as part of your employee file as required by the state of Arkansas.

Private Security Officer Renewal Cost

It costs $40 to renew your license, if your background check is current. If your background check isn’t current, it costs an addition $28.50 to re-do your background check.

Private Security Officer Renewal Training

You need to take the 5 hours of new Private Security Officer training over again each year.

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Expired Private Security Officer License

If your Private Security Officer license expires in Arkansas, you have to re-apply as if you are a new security guard.

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