New Unarmed Security Guard Wyoming – Fees & Training Detailed Info

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In general there are no state mandated requirements to be a security guard in Wyoming. However, if you will be providing security at a licensed race track facility in Wyoming, you must obtain a Type II License from the Wyoming Pari-Mutuel Commission.

Race Track Security Guard License Required & Issuing Authority

  • Security Guard License Type: Type II License
  • Security Guard License Length: 1 year or 3 years. Your employer chooses the option when completing the license application.
  • Security Guard Licensing Authority and Website: Pari-Mutuel Commission
  • Security Guard Licensing Phone Number: (307) 265-4015
  • Security Guard Licensing Address: 

Wyoming Pari-Mutuel Commission
Energy II Building
951 Werner Court, Suite 335
Casper WY 82601

  • Security Guard License Laws: Wyoming Department of Commerce Statue Chapter 7:7359 Licensing.

Race Track Security Guard Background Check & Fingerprinting Fees

Fingerprints are requirement. Only notarized fingerprint cards approved by the Pari-Mutuel Commission are accepted. The Pari-Mutual Commission will perform a background check on you.

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  • Fingerprint Fee:  Unknown

Race Track Security Guard Application & License Fees

  • Security Guard Registration Application Fee: $35 for 1 year license or $105 for 3 year license.
  • Duplicate License Fee: $10
  • Payment Types Accepted: Money order, cashier’s check or check.
  • Payable To: State of Wyoming

Race Track Security Guard Other Requirements

The following are other unarmed race track security guard requirements in Wyoming:

  • Be 18 years of age or older.
  • Wear your  photo bearing license when acting in your official capacity on the race track grounds and premises.
  • Carry your license with you at all times.
  • It is the responsibility of your employer to license you as a security guard at the race track. The employment of a non-licensed security officer at a race track may be cause for fine, suspension or both.
  • The Pari-Mutuel Commission may refuse to issue a license, or may suspend or revoke a license for the following reasons:
    •  You are convicted of a felony in any jurisdiction.
    •  You engage in bookmaking or touting.
    •  You associated with bookmakers or touts.
    •  You engage in fraud or misrepresentation in connection with racing or parimutuel events.
    •  You violate of any racing law in any jurisdiction.
    •  You violate and Pari-Mutuel Commission rules or orders.
    •  You were refused of a license by any other state racing commission or authority.
    •  You falsified your license application.
    •  You exhibit financial irresponsibility in connection with racing or parimutuel events.
    •  You allows another to use your license.
    • You use or supply without a prescription marijuana, cocaine, hashish, narcotics (opium, morphine,codeine, heroin, etc.) depressants (barbiturates, methaquallone, tranquilizers, etc.) hallucinogenics (LSD, PCP, etc.) or other dangerous or illegal drugs.
  • If your license is denied, revoked or suspended, it shall be reported to the Association of Racing Commissioners International and the American Quarter Horse Association, giving reasons why the action was taken.
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