Situational Training for Security Guards

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As a security guard, you should receive situational training  for the type of industry you’ll be protecting. This will help prepare you for the specific risks involved in your industry. Incidents that you will most likely encounter in a upscale mall will be vastly different than those at housing development or apartment complex in a bad neighborhood.

This situational training should be in additon to basic training, so as documentation and litigation awareness. Even if your state doesnt’ require training to be a security guard, you should seek out basic and situational training to improve your safety as well as the public’s and understand what actions you take can result in you being subject to civil or criminal liability.

Examples of Situational Incidents for Different Industry Types

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Upscale Mall Housing Development in Bad Neighborhood
Frequency of Liability Claims  Frequent  Less frequent
Severity of Liability Claims  Low  High
Types of Liability Claims
  • False arrest of suspected shoplifter
  • False detainment of suspected shoplifter
  • Invasion of privacy of suspected shoplifter
  • Failure to provide adequate security in the case of violent crime
  • Use of unnecessary force in violent incident
Who Absorbs Liability
 Security guards, not shop owners  Security guards
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