Unionization of Security Guards for Better Health Benefits & Pay

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A recent Indianapolis newspaper report highlighted the attempts to unionize security guards at a local company. The security officers currently do not earn as much per hour and have a lower level of health care benefits than local unionized security guards. The difference in hourly pay is nearly $3.

The higher cost health care coverage amounts for non-unionized security guards can mean that emergency medical care events can lead to large debt that is difficult to pay off on a security officer’s wage.

A security guard union contract can provide provisions for health care, yearly raises, a  grievance resolution process and seniority rights even when a security guard goes to a new employer.

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Unionized guards can also get better training. In Indiana no specialized training is required.  A 2010 Indy city council proposal to require minimal training for security guards failed to pass. Inadequate training and improper staffing levels at facilities can lead to safety issues for security guards.

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