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How to Renew Your Armed Security Guard Registration in North Carolina

You have to renew you armed security guard registration every year in North Carolina.

  • Security Guard License Length: 1 year
  • NC Armed Security Guard Registration Renewal Cost: $45
  • NC Armed Security Guard Renewal Training: Re-qualify for firearm permit. The cost of this training varies by the provider.

Continuing Education for Renewal of Armed Security Guard Registration

You have to re-certify annually to keep your armed security guard firearm registration permit. To re-certify you:

  • Must complete shall complete at least 4 hours of classroom instruction that are a review of the initial armed security guard training requirements.
  • Must complete your re-certification course no sooner than 180 days before your armed security guard registration expires.
  • Pass both the day and night range re-qualification.  If you fail to qualify on either course of fire, you cannot carry a firearm until such time as you meet the qualification requirements.
  • Upon your failure to qualify, the firearm instructor must notify you that they are no longer authorized to carry a firearm and notify your employer and the Private Protective Services staff on the next business day.

Shotgun Re-certification

You have to requalify to carry a shotgun each year by  taking an additional 1 hour of classroom training and passing the same range test as when you got your original approval to carry a shotgun on duty as an armed guard.

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Armed Security Guard Application Renewal Process

  1. Your employer completes and submits the Armed Registration/Renewal Application.
  2. Submit the above form not more than 90 days nor fewer than 30 days prior to registration expiration.
  3. Submit 2 head and shoulders color digital photographs of you in JPG format of acceptable quality for identification, taken within 6 months prior to submission and submitted by e-mail to or by compact disc.
  4. Submit statements of any criminal record obtained from the appropriate area where you have resided within the immediate preceding 12 months or a criminal record check from a third party criminal record check provider.
  5. Submit a statement signed by a certified trainer that you have successfully completed the firearm re-certification training requirements.
  6. Send in the $45 renewal fee to the PPSB by cashier’s check or money order to:

P.O. Box 29500
4901 Glenwood Avenue, Suite 200
Raleigh, NC 27612

Concealed Weapon Endorsement Renewal

Your concealed weapon endorsement is renewed at the time as your Armed Security Guard Registration Permit renewal if you submit proof of possession of a current Concealed Handgun Permit.  You aren’t charged any additional fee for the endorsement, but you have to pay for any required concealed weapons training.

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