Pro Armed Security Officer Pennsylvania – Detailed Renewal Info & Fees

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Pro (Renewal) Armed Security Guard Requirements in Pennsylvania

  • PA Security Guard License Type: Lethal Weapons Act 235 Card
  • PA Security Guard License Length: 5 years
  • PA Security Guard Licensing Authority: Lethal Weapons Unit of the PA State Police
  • PA Security Guard Licensing Website: Lethal Weapons Department
  • PA Security Guard Licensing Phone Number: 717-346-4087
  • PA Security Guard Licensing Address: 8002 Bretz Drive, Harrisburg, PA 17112-9748
  • PA Security Guard Fingerprinting & Background Fees: $0
  • PA Security Guard Application Fee: $30
  • PA Security Guard Application Fee Payment: Money Order, Certified Check, or Cashier’s Check payable to “The Commonwealth of PA” No personal or company checks.
  • PA Security Guard Training for Renewal:  8 hours (Cost varies, $150 typical)
  • PA Armed Security Guard Minimum Age: 1

Armed Security Guard License Renewal Application Process

This procedure is for non-police officer applicants to renew their armed security license under Act 235 Certification in PA.

  1. Wait for your renewal application to arrive in the mail approximately 8 months before you security guard license card expires.
  2. Complete the Renewal of Agent Certification Lethal Weapons Training Act (SP 8- 205).
  3. Submit your completed renewal application and mail it to the Lethal Weapons Department along with your $30 renewal fee.
  4. The Lethal Weapons Department will send you back an approval letter.
  5. Complete the required 8 hours of security guard training to get your training certificate.
  6. Submit your renewal training certificate to the Lethal Weapons Department. You will get a new license card in the mail You can check your application status online.

Renewing an Expired Armed Security Guard Card

You can’t renew your Act 235 card once it expires. You must complete the application process just like you did the when you were a new armed guard. This new physical and psychological exams, new fingerprint cards, and re-taking the 40 hour security guard training classes. This is an expensive and time consuming process, so makes sure you renew your Act 235 card well before it expires.

Extension of an Armed Security Guard License

You can’t get an extension on your Act 235 card. If your card is expiring and you submit the renewal application before it expires, then you have 6 months to take the renewal training. This doesn’t extend your card’s expiration date. However, it gives you 6 months to take the security guard training.

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Armed Security Guard Training Requirements in PA

You have to take 8 hours of security guard training every 5 years to meet Act 235 requirements. You should only take this training after your armed security guard renewal application is approved.

General Principles

  • Legal Authority Updates
  • Constitutional Restrictions Updates
  • Principles of Justification Updates
  • Pennsylvania Crime Codes Updates
  • Limited Authority Updates
  • Incident Investigation & Reporting Refresher

Firearms Module

  • Handgun Combat Shooting Updates
  • Firearms Refresher
  • Handgun Qualification
  • Shotgun Familiarization Firing
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