Texas PPO Bodyguard Level 4 Training & Licensing Requirements

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Texas PPO Bodyguard Level 4 Training

Texas PPO Bodyguard Level 4 Training

New Texas PPO Bodyguard Level 4 Training

If you want to be a bodyguard in Texas, you must get your Personal Protection Officer (PPO) license. This Level 4 license allows you to work special events, backstage, as a VIP bodyguard  and as part of special protection details. This license allows you to work in plain clothes and carry a concealed while on duty as a PPO. Level 4 security officers tend to make more money than Level 3 security guards.

  • TX Security Officer License Type: Personal Protection Officer (PPO) Level 4 also known as the Bodyguard License
  • TX Security Office License Length: 2 years
  • TX Security Guard Licensing Authority: Texas Department of Public Safety, Private Security Bureau
  • TX Security Guard Licensing Website: Texas Private Security Bureau
  • TX Security Guard Licensing Phone Number: (512) 424-7293  (open 8am to 5pm)
  • TX Security Guard Licensing Address:

Mail Including Payment:
Texas Department of Public Safety
PO Box 15999
Austin, TX 78761-5999

Mail Without Payment:
Texas Department of Public Safety
Private Security – MSC 0241
PO Box 4087
Austin, TX 78773-0001

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  • PPO Bodyguard Level 4 Fingerprinting & Background Fees: $25 (for FBI background check)
  • PPO Bodyguard Level 4 Application Fee: $55 ($50 application fee + $5 subscription fee)
  • PPO Bodyguard Level 4 Courses before You Apply for a License: 15 hours (Cost varies, $350 typical)

Texas PPO Bodyguard Level 4 Training & Licensing Process

  1. You must be at least 21 years old.
  2. You must have received or in the process of applying for your Level 3 Commissioned Officer license before you apply for your Level 4 license.
  3. Interview for a bodyguard job.
  4. Get a job as a bodyguard.
  5. Get the security guard training required for the PPO license.
  6. Your background check should have already been done or be in the process of being done for your Level 3 license.
  7. Your employer submits your security guard license application to the Private Security Bureau either by mail or online. Filing out forms:
  8. Submit Level Two, Three and Four Certificates of Completion for security guard training.
  9. Wait 4-6 weeks to get your license to be approved.
  10. After your employer has submitted your application for a Level 4 license, you can’t work as a PPO. You can only work at the license level you’re currently approved for; either Level 2 or Level 3.  Once your PPO license is approved, it is mailed to your employer.
  11. When your employer gives you your PPO pocket card, affix your picture to it, sign it and laminate it. You should carry this in your pocket, not on the outside of your garments, while on  duty.

Texas PPO Bodyguard Level 4 Online Application

Your employer use the Private Security Bureau website  to apply for your security officer license online.

Texas PPO Bodyguard Level 4 License Exemptions

There are no exemptions from getting your security guard pocket guard if you want to work as an armed security guard in Texas. Full time peace officers and retired police officers require licenses to work as security guards. However, you don’t have to get fingerprinted for the security guard application.

Important: Most Texas law enforcement agencies have rules that prohibit their peace officers from working off duty as security guards. So if you are working as a peace officer, you should verify with your agency that it is OK to work as a security guard or you could risk losing your peace officer career.

Reasons You Won’t Get Your Texas PPO Bodyguard Level 4 License

Your application to be a security guard in TX can be denied if you’ve been convicted of many offenses that relate to the duties and responsibilities of a security guard. Some of these reasons you can be denied your security guard license or the renewal of your license, include, but are not limited to:

  • A felony conviction for 10 years from the date you completed serving your sentence unless a full pardon has been granted for a wrongful conviction.
  • A class A misdemeanor offense for 5 years from the date you completed serving your sentence unless a full pardon has been granted for a wrongful conviction.
  • Conviction for a felony or class A offense that does not relate to being a security guard for 5 years from the date of commission.
  • A dishonorable military discharges for 5 years for Class B misdemeanor offenses and 10 years for Class A or felony offense.
  • Some class B misdemeanor offenses for 5 years.
  • Registered sex offender in Texas or any other state
  • Found by a court to be incompetent by reason of mental defect.
  • Currently restricted under a court protective order or subject to a restraining order affecting the spousal relationship, other than a restraining order solely affecting property interests.
  • Suffer from a psychiatric disorder or condition that causes or is likely to cause substantial impairment in judgment, mood, perception, impulse control, or intellectual ability?
  • Convicted in any court of a misdemeanor offense involving domestic violence.
  • Unlawful user of a controlled substance or addicted to any controlled substances.
  • Federal law prohibits the Bureau from issuing a license to anyone who is ineligible to work in the U.S.

Texas PPO Bodyguard Level 4  Training Requirements

The Texas Department of Public Safety requires that you take 15 hours of classes and pass a written test. The test is a standard test prepared by the Private Security Bureau. The state has a standardized security guard training manual. You only need to take these security guard courses once in your  bodyguard career. It is worth the extra money to take more than the required 15 hours of training if it gets you more firearm and self-defense instruction and practice time. It is an investment in your career.

The required courses in the 15 hours of security guard training (Level 4) include:

  • 10 hours on weaponless defense
  • 2.5 hours on pepper spray
  • 1 hour on Use of Force
Some topics that could be covered in this bodyguard training course include:
  • Hands on defensive tactics
  • Firing range
  • Pepper spray certification
  • Threat assessments
  • Route preplanning
  • Client contact/interaction
  • Overt and covert protection
  • Force options
  • Escalation/de-escalation of force
  • Police/News contact
  • Protection at a location
  • Protection on the move
  • Communication/reports/radios/vehicles
  • Response to incidents and threats
  • Exterior/interior procedures
  • Exposure to several different types of weapons/devices used by protection details
  • Logistics of security detail

How to Transfer a PPO Pocket Card to a Different Employer in Texas

Your license registration (pocket card) is transferable card. You won’t get a new pocket security license card when you work for a new employer. However, your new employer must submit the Employee Information Update form PSB-14 (PDF). You and your new employer don’t have to submit an new application or re-pay license fees.

How to Replace a Lost or Damaged Security License Pocket Card in Texas

If you lose or damage your security license pocket card, complete and submit the Request for Duplicate License form PSB-37 (PDF). You must also submit a $10.00 fee.

Texas PPO Bodyguard Level 4  Uniform Requirements

No security guard (Level 2, 3 or 4) can display a badge, shoulder patch, logo or any other identification which contains the words “Law Enforcement” and/or similar word(s) including, but not limited to: agent, enforcement agent, detective, task force, fugitive recovery agent or any other combination of names which gives the impression that the bearer is in any way connected with the federal government, state government or any political subdivision of a state government.

  • Can be in plain clothes.
  • Uniform not required.
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