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Armed Security Guard Registration Renewal

In Ohio, you must renew your armed security guards registration annually.

  • Renew Every: 1 year
  • Fee: $15 (in addition to the unarmed security guard registration renewal fee.)
  • Payment Types Accepted: Money order and cashier’s check
  • Payable To: Ohio Treasurer

Armed Security Guard Registration Renewal Requirements

To renew your armed security guard registration in Michigan, you must:

  • Re-qualify for firearms registration every year by taking training authorized by the police.
  • Have not been convicted of a felony in the last 1 year.

Armed Security Guard Re-qualification Training

The cost and number of hours of training required to re-qualify depends on the number of types of guns you are re-qualifying for and the training provider. Below are some typical costs andhours for firearm requalification in Ohio:

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  • Handgun only: $100 for 4 hours (typical)
  • Shotgun only: $80 for 4 hours (typical)
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