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In Ohio, you must register as an armed security guards through your employer instead of being directly licensed by the state. Part of becoming a registered armed guard is to receive firearms training from the police department.

Type of Armed Security Guard Registration Required & Issuing Authority

  • Security Guard Registration Type: Armed Security Guard
  • Security Guard Registration Length: 1 year
  • Security Guard Registration Authority:  Ohio Department of Public Safety Private Investigators & Security Services
  • Security Guard Registration Authority Website:
  • Security Guard Registration Authority Phone Number: (614) 466-4130 and (614) 466-0342 (fax)
  • Security Guard Registration Authority Address: 

1970 West Broad Street
P.O. Box 182001
Columbus, Ohio 43218-2001

  • Security Guard Registration Laws: Ohio Administrative Code Chapter 4749

Security Guard Training Requirements & Fee

Ohio does mandate firearms training and registration for you to be an armed security guard.

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  • Handgun Training: 20 hours. Cost varies by training provider. $200 typical.
  • Additional Training: 5 hours per each type of non-handgun weapon you’ll carry on your job. Cost varies by training provider. $110 typical for shotgun training.

Security Guard Background Check & Fingerprinting Fees

You need to electronically submit your fingerprints when applying to register as a security guard in Ohio through WebCheck. Your employer may take your fingerprints or you may need to provide them.  You need both a BCI and an FBI background check if you’ll be carrying a weapon. Your employer doesn’t submit your fingerprints. You must submit them directly to the BCI and FBI. Typical fingerprinting fees are:

  • Ohio BCI (state database check): $40.00  (varies by provider)
  • FBI (national database check): $50.00 (varies by provider)
  • Ohio BCI & FBI (both database checks): $70.00 (varies by provider)

Security Guard Registration Application Fees

  • Security Guard Armed Registration Application Fee: $15 (This is in addition to the $40 unarmed security guard registration fee.)
  • Payment Types Accepted: Money order or check
  • Payable To: Ohio Treasurer

Armed Security Guard Other Requirements

In order to be a security guard in Ohio, you need to:

  • Have not been convicted of a felony in the last 20 years.
  • Have not been convicted of a misdemeanor on the last 20 years.

Armed Security Guard Registration Process

To register as armed security guard in OH:

  1. Complete the application and registration process for an unarmed security guard.
  2. Complete the 20 hours of handgun training from a police organization. If you will be carrying another type of firearm, complete 5 hours of additional approved training specific to the weapon you’ll be carrying. You’ll receive a certificate of training completion.
  3. Your employer submits an Employee Firearm-bearer Notation Application and a copy of your certificate of completion to the Ohio Department of Public Safety Private Investigators & Security Services department.
  4. The Public Safety Department runs a fingerprint background check on you through the FBI.
  5. If you successfully pass the FBI background check, you’ll receive an armed security guard registration card that looks the same as the unarmed security guard registration card, except it will also have a firearm-bearer notation on it.

Concealed Handguns

Nothing in the security guard registration law prohibits security guard from carrying a concealed  handgun if the security guard complies with sections 2923.124 to 2923.1213 of  the Revised Code. However, your employer may require you to not carry a concealed weapon while on duty.

Both concealed carry and exposed carry gun laws change frequently. It is part of your responsibility as a gun carrier to keep informed about the gun carry laws in your state. Check your state’s websites frequently to keep up with the latest changes in gun carry laws to make sure you’re not violating these laws.

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