New York Security Guard Training & Licensing Info

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New York Security Guard Training

New York Security Guard Training

New York Security Guard Training & Licenses

You are a security guard in NY if you are not an active police officer in NYS or a private investigator and 50% of your job is one or more of the following is to:

  • Protect people and/or property from harm, theft and/or unlawful activity
  • Deter, observe, detect and/or report unlawful or unauthorized activity including, but not limited to unlawful or unauthorized intrusion or entry, larceny, vandalism, abuse, arson or trespass on property
  • Provide street patrol service that includes such duties as controlling, by street or other patrol service, access to property, including employee personnel, visitors, vehicles and traffic
  • Respond to, but not install or service, a security system alarm installed and/or used to prevent or detect unauthorized intrusion, robbery, burglary, theft, pilferage and other losses and/or to maintain security of protected premises

As security guard it is your responsibility, not your employers, to understand the Private Investigators, Bail Enforcement Agents, Watch, Guard or Patrol Agencies and Security Guard License Law that applies to your security guard occupation. This law is sometimes referred to as the Security Guard Act of 1992.  One of the goals of this law is to make sure that private security service providers adhere to standards to help ensure the welfare of people and property in New York.

Security guard training and licensing in NY is handled by two different state agencies as follows:

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  • NY Security Guard Training: New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS)
  • NY Security Guard Licensing: New York State Department of State, Division of Licensing Services

In order to become a security guard in NY, you must first pass a preliminary 8-hour training class and get fingerprinted before submitting your security guard application to the state.

Temporary NY Security Guard License

You can use a temporary security guard identification card issued by your employer until your official security guard registration card is issued or denied.  Your temporary card must have “Temporary ID” on it. After the issuance or denial of your official registration card, your employer must keep the temporary card in your personnel file for the duration of your employment or for a one-year period following your dismissal.

Type of NY Security Guard License Required & Issuing Authority

  • NY Security Guard License Type: Security Guard Registration Card
  • NY Security Guard License Length: 2 years
  • NY Security Guard Licensing Authority: New York State Department of State, Division of Licensing Services
  • NY Security Guard Licensing Website: Division of Licensing Services for Security Guards
  • NY Security Guard Licensing Phone Number: (518) 474-7569
  • NY Security Guard Licensing Address: NYS Department of State, Division of Licensing Services, PO Box 22001, Albany, NY 12201-2001

NY Security Guard License Laws: Security Guard Act of 1992

New York Security Guard Training  Requirements & Fees

You must take the required security guard training as shown in the table below in order to apply to be a security guard in New York.  The security guard training classes must be taken from a security guard training provider approved by the Criminal Justice Services.  Make sure the training provider you chose has a valid license by checking the DCJS website.

  • NY Pre-assignment Security Guard Training Course: 8 hours (cost varies by security officer class provider)

The cost of these classes are set by the security guard training provider, not by the state of NY.

New York Security Guard Training (Pre-assignment Course)

The pre-assignment Security Guard Training Course is an overview of security guard duties and responsibilities, including the security guard role, legal powers and limitations, emergency situations, communications and public relations, access control, ethics and conduct. You must pass a written exam to successfully complete this class.

New York Security Guard Training Exemptions

Security guard training exemptions don’t necessarily exempt you from registering as a security guard. You are exempt from taking the initial 8-hour security guard training course, the 16-hour on the job security guard training course and the 47-hour firearms training course, if you are a If you are a current or former:

  • Police officer
  • NYS correction officer
  • NYS bridge and tunnel officer, sergeant or lieutenant of the TBTA
  • Court officer or clerk of the Unified Court System
  • Sheriff, undersheriff or deputy sheriff in NYC
  • Other peace officer

However, if you’re not currently employed in one of the above applications, you may need to take the yearly 8-hour in-service training for unarmed guards and/or yearly 8-hour in-service training for armed guards.  Refer to the security guard training requirements page on the Criminal Justice Services website.

NY Security Guard Application Fees

  • NY Security Guard Application Fee: $36
  • Payment Types Accepted: Money order, company check, cashier’s check. Don’t send cash. No personal checks or credit cards.
  • Payable To: NYS Department of State
  • Late Fee: $100 (After 30 days employed as security officer.)

NY Security Guard Registration Requirements

To become a registered security guard in New York:

  • You must be 18 years of age
  • You must be a citizen or resident alien of the United States
  • You must have completed an 8-hour pre-assignment training course
  • You cannot have not been convicted of a serious criminal offense serious offense or of
    a misdemeanor
  • You must be of good moral character and fitness
  • You must not have been declared by any court to be incompetent by reason of mental disease or defect that has not been removed
  • You not have been discharged from a correctional or law enforcement agency for incompetence or misconduct
  • You must not have a physical or mental disability or disability by reason of intoxication or the use of, addiction to or dependence on alcohol or drugs that makes you unable to perform the essential functions of the security guard position, with or without reasonable accommodation, or if you pose a direct threat to health or safety

NY Security Guard Registration Exemptions

  • A security guard subject to registration and training by the federal government
  • A volunteer security guard
  • Active police officers are exempt from registration, but, when employed by a contractual entity, they must complete an Employee Statement but do not need to be fingerprinted.
  • Peace officers while working in their official capacity for their primary employer. However, if moonlighting, a peace officer is considered a security guard and must register.

You aren’t exempt from registering as a security guard if you’re a retired police officer.

NY Security Guard Application Process

To apply to be an unarmed security guard in NY, you must mail the following items into the Division of Licensing:

  • Completed Employee Statement and Security Guard Application form available online. This form will ask about your employment history, citizenship, criminal history, obligation to pay child support, and whether you are starting to work as a security guard while your application is being processed. If you are 4 or more months behind in your child support payments, you can have your security guard registration revoked or not approved.
  • Copy of certificate showing completion of an 8-hour pre-assignment course;
  • Signed DMV consent form. This form will be used to get a photo of you to put on your security guard registration guard. Your license photo will be used. If you don’t have a license, you can go to the DMV with a Request for Photo ID form and get a photo taken for free to use with this form.
  • One receipt that provides proof of fingerprint completion OR a rolled FBI (blue) fingerprint card, applicable fees and card scan information form.
  • $36.00 fee payable to the NYS Department of State
  • Any additional documentation requested in response to specific questions on the application form; and if employment will commence with filing of the application, the Notice of Employment section must be completed by your employer
  • If applying for an armed security guard registration, a course completion certificate for 47 hours of firearms training, or a copy of the waiver issued by the Division of Criminal Justice Services.
  • Mail your license application and application fee to:

NYS Department of State
Division of Licensing Services
P.O. Box 22001
Albany, NY 12201-2001

NY Security Guard Background Check & Fingerprinting Fees

To become a security guard in NY you must get your fingerprints taken and submit them to the licensing authority in order for a background check to be run on you. Fingerprinting in NY is done by the L1 Enrollment Services.

  • Amount: $105
  • Payment Types Accepted: Certified check, money order, cashier’s check.
  • Payable To: L-1 Enrollment Services

The above security guard fingerprinting fee includes the following fees:

  • Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) fee: $75
  • FBI fee: $19.25
  • Fingerprint vendor fee: $10.75

To get your electronic fingerprints taken for your security guard registration application:

  1. Schedule an appointment at a L1 Enrollment location near you through their website or by calling 877.472.6915. When you schedule your fingerprinting, use the required ORI number (or in this case a word) of SecGuard and the License Type of Security Guard – Armed or Unarmed.
  2. Download the Request for NYS Fingerprinting Services-Information Form Security Guards (DOS-1870).
  3. Complete the Security Guards (DOS-1870) form.
  4. Make sure you have two of the required IDs listed on the Security Guards (DOS-1870) form. One of the IDs must have a recent picture of you on it.
  5. Go to the L1 location you scheduled your appointment with at the scheduled time. Make sure to bring along the a printed copy of the completed Security Guards (DOS-1870) form, the 2 required forms of IDs and a check for the $105 fee.
  6. After you are fingerprinted, you get 2 copies of your receipt.
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