Security Guard Training and Licensing by State

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Security Guard Training and Licensing for Every Step of Your Security Career

Determining what kind of train­ing and licens­ing you need to work as a secu­rity guard can be con­fus­ing. State pro­fes­sional licens­ing Websites can be con­fus­ing and hard to navigate.

Here you can eas­ily find for any state, the classes you need to take before you start work­ing as a guard, addi­tional train­ing you might need once you are on duty and con­tin­u­ing edu­ca­tion classes you need to keep your secu­rity offi­cer license up-to-date.

Do you need security guard training and security guard licensing to work legally as a security guard, private security officer, bouncer or bodyguard? Find out here.

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How to Become a Security Guard (New Security Guard)

If you have no security guard experience, but would like to know how much it costs to become a security guard, the security guard courses you need to take and how to apply to be a security guard, choose your state below:

1 — 12 Months on the Job as an Unarmed Security Guard (Rookie Security Guard)

If you are already a secu­rity guard,  but you’ve been work­ing your secu­rity guard job for less than a year, find out if you need addi­tional secu­rity guard train­ing dur­ing your first year of secu­rity guard employ­ment. Choose your state below:

12+ Months on Duty (Professional Armed Security Guard)

If you’ve been employed as secu­rity guard for more than 12 months, check to see what kind of con­tin­u­ing secu­rity guard training or edu­ca­tion you need and how to renew your secu­rity guard license. Pick your state below:

How to Become an Armed Security Guard (New Armed Security Guard)

Find out how to go from being an unarmed to an armed secu­rity guard in your state. Pick your state below:

1 — 12 Months on the Job as an Armed Security Guard (Rookie Armed Security Officer)

If you’ve just become an armed guard, see if you need to take more firearm train­ing your first year as a licensed armed secu­rity guard. Choose your state below:

12+ Months on Duty (Professional Armed Security Guard)

How to keep your firearms and security guard train­ing up to date and renew your armed guard license in your state. Choose your state below:

Security Guard Training Requirements by State



Alabama  Security Guard Training Alabama  Security Guard Training Armed Alabama
Alaska  Security Guard Training Alaska  Security Guard Training Armed Hawaii
Arkansas  Security Guard Training Arkansas  Security Guard Training Armed Arkansas
California Security Guard Training California Security Guard Training Armed California
Connecticut  Security Guard Training Connecticut  Security Guard Training Armed Connecticut
District of Columbia
Florida Security Guard Training Florida Security Guard Training Armed Florida
Georgia  Security Guard Training Georgia  Security Guard Training Armed Georgia
Hawaii  Security Guard Training Hawaii  Security Guard Training Armed Hawaii
Idaho  None   None
Illinois  Security Guard Training Illinois  Security Guard Training Armed Illinois
Kentucky  None   None
Michigan  Security Guard Training Michigan  Security Guard Training Armed Michigan
Minnesota   None   None
Mississippi   None   None
Missouri   None   None
New Hampshire
New Jersey  Security Guard Training New Jersey  Security Guard Training Armed New Jersey
New Mexico
New York Security Guard Training New York Security Guard Training Armed New York
North Carolina  Security Guard Training North Carolina  Security Guard Training Armed North Carolina
North Dakota  Security Guard Training North Dakota  Security Guard Training Armed North Dakota
Ohio  Security Guard Training Ohio  Security Guard Training Armed Ohio
Oklahoma  Security Guard Training Oklahoma  Security Guard Training Armed Oklahoma
Pennsylvania  Security Guard Training Pennsylvania  Security Guard Training Armed Pennsylvania
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota  Security Guard Training South Dakota  Security Guard Training Armed South Dakota

Security Guard Training Texas

Security Guard Training Armed Texas
Virginia  Security Guard Training Virginia  Security Guard Training Armed Virginia
Washington  Security Guard Training Washington  Security Guard Training Armed Washington
West Virginia
Wyoming  Security Guard Training Wyoming  Security Guard Training Armed Washington
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